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Greetings from Los Angeles, California.

Visiting Los Angeles as the second city on our trip to Southern California. We started off our day in LA at the original IN-N-OUT Burger in Baldwin Park. For those who may have not heard of IN-N-OUT Burger, it is a Southern California icon and one of the best burgers in the country. As always, Mumzies savored her cheeseburger while Papa scarfed down his double-double (2 patties with 2 slices of cheese) and washed it down with a lemonade.

In-n-Out Sign
In-n-Out Company Store
In-n-Out University
Mumzies In-n-Out

After filling our bellies with cheeseburgers and lemonade, we made a quick stop at one of Mumzies favorite places in Los Angeles. Mumzies’ favorite TV show of all time is Charmed. While the show is set in San Francisco, the house they live in (for the show) is actually located in the Angelino Heights neighborhood of Echo Park. It’s one of those places that always put a huge smile on Mumzies’ face. One of a few places in Los Angeles doing so, the main one being Disneyland. Unfortunately, we were not visiting Disneyland this trip. The kids couldn’t join us and they made us promise not to go without them!

Charmed House

For whatever reason, our next stop was in Hollywood to visit the Chinese Theater and see the stars. Okay, that may sound a bit harsh. But really, they are just names on a urine soaked sidewalk. Every twenty feet or so you are accosted either by someone peddling a bus tour of the star’s homes, or the stench of urine and/or marijuana. Clean it up LA, it really is disgusting! Enough said.

Hollywood and Vine
El Capitan Theater
Chinese Theater
Doris Day

To get our day back on track, we headed to another one of our favorite stops, the LA Farmers Market. Located just outside Beverly Hills, the LA Farmers Market is a nice collection of shops and restaurants. We had a nice healthy snack of cherries and fruit smoothies at the farmers market. It was quite refreshing on a warm summer day.

LA Farmers Market Tower
LA Farmers Market Entrance
LA Farmers Market Fruit
MnP LA Farmers Market

Our final stop in Los Angeles was at the Santa Monica Pier. We always enjoy walking the pier, soaking up the sun, checking out the beach, and generally just people watching. The pier is always bustling with tourists and street performers. Papa had to get Mumzies a churro, just like he had some thirty years ago at the location of her introduction to churros.

Santa Monica Pier Arch
Santa Monia Pier
Santa Monia Pier Rides
Santa Monica Beach

We had a great time in Los Angeles. It is always one of our favorites places to visit. With only one day in the city, we were only able to do a fraction of the things we like to do. Until next time LA!

Watch the video below to see more of our day in Los Angeles. Check it out!

Best wishes,

Mumzies & Papa