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Greetings from Bohol, Philippines!

Work has brought Papa back to the Philippines. Unfortunately Mumzies was unable to make the trip, as she must stay home and tend to our teenager. One of these times Mumzies will make the trip and we’ll truly take this blog/vlog international.

Bohol is located in the central part of the Philippines, called the Visayas. There are three things Bohol is well known for, the Chocolate Hills, Philippine Tarsiers, and their white sand beaches. On this trip, Papa was only there for the first two.

Departing from Pier 1 in Cebu City on an Ocean Jet ferry, the boat arrived at Bohol’s provincial capitol of Tagbilaran in a mere two hours. The ride was smooth and cool. Papa rode in the open air economy class on the upper deck of the ferry. Traveling “local style” is something Papa enjoys doing, however when Mumzies comes we will have to improve our accommodations to better suit her comfort level.  Speaking of outside Mumzies’ comfort level, Papa left Cebu without any reservations… something Mumzies would never dream of doing! Hotel reservations were made while on the ferry through the Agoda app installed on Papa’s iPhone. No worries! 😁

Papa On The Ocean Jet Ferry
Ferry To Bohol
Island View From Ferry
Tagbilaran Port From Ferry

Upon arrival in Tagbilaran, Papa jumped into a tricycle and made his way to the hotel to check-in and drop off his backpack before jumping into another tricycle to go off and see the sights.

The Tarsier sanctuary was the first stop, and was only a twenty minute ride from the hotel. Tarsiers are the smallest member of the primate family. They are only a mere three to four inches tall and weigh around 2.5 to 5.5 ounces. Since tarsiers are nocturnal animals it wasn’t realistic to think they would be doing much more than sleeping during the day.

The guide through the Tarsier sanctuary said there are over a hundred Tarsiers living in the sanctuary, but we were only able to see eight of them during the visit. It is obvious the Tarsiers are very well taken care of. They did not have any concerns with us approaching them and taking their picture. What cool little creatures Tarsiers are, they are so cute with their huge eyes.

Tarsier Sanctuary Sign
Tarsier Closeup
Philippine Tarsier Foundation Incorporated
Sleepy Tarsier
Tarsier Sanctuary Maintenance
Philippine Tarsier
Bohol Eco Tourism Sign

From the Tarsier sanctuary it was another hour and forty minute ride in the tricycle to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. The ride takes you deep through the Philippine countryside, something Papa has always enjoyed doing. We made several stops to take pictures and video of all the interesting things along the way.

Arriving at the Chocolate Hills, it was oddly surprising to see just how many formations there are and how spread out they are. Video and pictures really don’t do the Chocolate Hills justice. The hills go on as far as the eye can see in almost all directions.

Chocolate Hills Sign
Chocolate Hills Entrance
Bohol Chocolate Hills
Papa At Chocolate Hills

Papa would like to say a special thanks to Elmar, his tricycle driver. Elmar was very nice and helpful in pointing out interesting things throughout the day. Bohol is a beautiful island and Papa is looking forward to the day he can take Mumzies to see it for herself.

Elmar The Tricycle Driver

Watch the video below to see more of Papa’s day in Bohol, Philippines. Check it out!

Best wishes,

Mumzies & Papa