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Greetings from Lake Oswego, Oregon!

Lake Oswego is an upscale suburb of Portland, located about 20 miles south of Vancouver. As the name implies, Lake Oswego surrounds Oswego Lake. Many of the Portland Trailblazers past and present reside in Lake Oswego.

Our first stop in Lake Oswego was at the downtown area. As their website states, “it is a beautiful, walkable lakefront business district.” We fully agree, the plazas in the downtown area are very beautiful and well maintained. The shops are pet friendly. There were several people walking their dogs through the downtown shops, and some of the shops had bowls of water placed out front for the dogs.

Mumzies found a cute little boutique shop named Lucky Me. The shop is full of baby items and Mumzies could have bought out the entire store for Juliette Paige, but showed a rare moment of restraint. She did not however show the same level of restraint when the cookies were offered… maybe that is an exaggeration, but she did enjoy one! 🍪😛

Oswego Lake
Lake Oswego Plaza
Child Statue
Blue Bear
Lucky Me Boutique
Lake Oswego Clock
Inside Lucky Me

It just so happened that our next stop was at Kyra’s Bakery. It is a place Mumzies found online and had also seen on the Food Network’s show Cupcake Wars. Kyra’s is a four-time winner of the show, and is now Mumzies’ favorite bakery. She emphatically stated that it was by far the best bakery we have visited to date. That’s a pretty big complement coming from a sweet tooth like her!

Kyra's Bakery
Kyra's Cupcake
Kyra's Entrance

After having two sweets, it was time to grab some lunch and let Mumzies eat something savory for a change. We ate lunch at the Hush Hush Café.  The café is a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant and the food is fabulous! Their food was different from all other Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food we’ve previously eaten, and It was driving Papa absolutely crazy wondering where the owners are from. The pickled vegetables in gyro and shawarma were both different and very delicious. They don’t have a website yet and don’t have any information on their Facebook page regarding the owners, so Papa will just have to wait to identify where they are from. Maybe he’ll just have to eat shawarmas from several different places to see if it can be properly identified! 😁

Hush Hush Cafe
Hush Hush Cafe Menu
Shwarma Closeup
Gyro Closeup

We had a great time strolling around Lake Oswego. It was a beautiful day weather wise, and the stores and restaurants were fabulous.

Watch the video below to see more of our day in Lake Oswego. Check it out!

Best wishes,

Mumzies & Papa