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Greetings from Lincoln City, Oregon!

Lincoln City is located on Oregon’s central coast about 100 miles southwest of Vancouver. Our first stop in Lincoln City was at the main strip of little beach shops and restaurants located along Highway 101 on the north side of town.

We explored the salt water taffy candy store, a couple of beach stores selling kites, shells, and various knick-knacks, and an antique store that had some very interesting and realistic doll houses. Mumzies could hardly contain herself imagining how much fun she and little Juliette Paige would have playing with those doll houses.

Lincoln City
Granny's Attic
Dot's Doll House
Taft Historic District
Lincoln City Historic Site

After walking through the shops, we decided to take a walk along the beach. Lincoln City boasts to have seven miles of beautiful sandy beach with scenic view points.  Some stretches of the beach also contain an enormous amount of driftwood. If you aren’t aware of the dangers of driftwood, then just be very careful when going near any, especially when it is close to the shore. Unfortunately, people are killed every year in driftwood accidents. Usually kids playing and climbing on it.  We are old, so we played it safe and only did a minimal amount of climbing around on it. Sometimes Papa still thinks he’s a big kid…

There was a nice breeze blowing, so naturally Mumzies began to freeze and we had to make a break for the warm shelter of the car. We also tried to visit the North Lincoln County Historic Museum, but it was closed for the day. Two weeks in a row we weren’t able to visit an attraction that we were looking forward to.

Lincoln City Beach Sign
Lincoln City Beach
Mumzies at Lincoln City Beach
Salmon Sculpture

We decided to head back to main strip and have lunch at the Nepali Kitchen. We haven’t had the opportunity to try the food from Nepal, so we were excited to try something new! We ordered the chicken momos, which are tasty dumplings. If you remember our Portland Food Truck episode, then you know we both love us some good dumplings. The chicken momos were outstanding, we hadn’t tasted curried dumplings before so it was a real treat! We also ordered the paratha, a flat bread stuffed with potato and onion; and their dal bhat, which is a dish of steamed rice, vegetables, and lentils. Our lunch was delicious, and that means Mumzies is ready for something sweet.

Nepali Kitchen
Nepali Food Spread
Nepali Food Plate - Dal Bhat
Nepali Food

Fortunately for her, she didn’t have to go very far to satisfy her sweet tooth. Not even a block away from the restaurant is a fantastic bakery called 101 Inspirations.  The display cases were filled with goodies, and Mumzies immediately spotted a rather large lemon square. One large treat is never good enough, so she also purchased a pretty cupcake to accompany the lemon square. Our apologies to all the other bakery and sweet shops we’ve visited since we started vlogging, this was Mumzies’ hands-down favorite of them all. Good job 101 Inspirations, that is saying a lot!! 🍰

101 Inspirations Bakery
Mumzies Looking At Cupcake
Bakery Sweets Closeup
Mumzies' Cupcake

We finished up our day in Lincoln City by visiting the factory outlet stores, where we shopped at the Levi’s store, Carter’s kids store, and Harry & David’s. All in all, it wasn’t too bad of a day in Lincoln City.

Watch the video below to see more of our day in Lincoln City. Check it out!

Best wishes,

Mumzies & Papa