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Greetings from Newport, Oregon!

Newport is a quaint coastal town located about 140 miles southwest of Vancouver along the central Oregon coast. Newport is most well-known for the Oregon Coast Aquarium and it was on the agenda for our day in Newport, but it wasn’t the first stop for us.

Our first stop was at the Newport Bayfront. The Bayfront is comprised of many small shops and restaurants, as well as being home to a few fishing companies. It is pretty much a fisherman’s wharf, like the type we are accustomed to strolling through in California. It really reminds us of Monterey’s Cannery Row, or Pier 39 in San Francisco, especially with the sea lions.

Bay Street Pier Sign
Bayfront Candy Store
Bayfront Souvenir Shop
Bayfront Bridge View
Bayfront Sea Lions

After strolling through the Newport Bayfront, we then made our way to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The aquarium is very well done, it is made to resemble the natural habitat and the enclosures are spacious for the animals. It is also good to see all the animals looking healthy and genuinely happy. The puffins and otters were playful and out putting on a show for the visitors. The fish tanks are also very well kept. The jellyfish tank is stunning with its blue background. They also have a large tank of Japanese Spider Crabs. They say these crabs can grow up to 13 feet in length!

Oregon Coast Aquarium
Aquarium Puffin
Aquarium Otter
Aquarium Jellyfish
Aquarium Japanese Spider Crabs

When we finished up at the aquarium, we decided to grab some lunch at Nana’s Irish Pub.  Nana’s is also a pet friendly place, they have plenty of seating outside on the patio if you’re with your poochies. Even though it was a gorgeous day we decided to eat indoors. Mumzies ordered their fish and chips, while Papa tried their house specialty meatloaf. Both dishes were excellent. The Irish soda bread was also very good.

Nana's Irish Pub
Nana's Meatloaf
Nana's Fish-n-Chips
View of Lighthouse

It was a near perfect day weather wise in Newport. There are typically a few days each year either in late winter or early spring where the weather is truly perfect. We really lucked out with our day in Newport, just look at the photo of the beach. You can see perfectly clear all the way out to the lighthouse.

Watch the video below to see more of our day in Newport. Check it out!

Best wishes,

Mumzies & Papa