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Greetings from Oregon City, Oregon!

Oregon City is located on the shore of the Willamette River just south of Portland. The city was established by the Hudson’s Bay Company, the same company to settle at and create Fort Vancouver and was the final stop along the famous Oregon Trail.

Our first stop of the day was at a little restaurant in old downtown Oregon City named Yvonne’s.  For those of you who have seen our Kalama, Washington video or read the blog article knows that Mumzies can’t pass up Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Yvonne’s has four different types of Eggs Benedict, so it was naturally the place of choice for our breakfast in Oregon City and Mumzies was very happy to have found Yvonne’s online.

Mumzies At Yvonne's
Yvonne's Window Sign
Yvonne's Eggs Benedict
Yvonne's Breakfast

After breakfast, we took a stroll through the old downtown area and looking through the small shops. We also visited the Oregon City Municipal Elevator. It is extremely rare, as it is the only municipal elevator in the United States and only one of four in the entire world. It’s a pretty neat claim to fame for this small Oregon town.

Oregon City Downtown Sign
Municipal Elevator
Downtown Oregon City
Oregon City Mural
Municipal Elevator View

Our next stop in Oregon City was at the historic McLoughlin House. Named after Dr. John McLoughlin, who was the Superintendent of the Hudson’s Bay Company in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, we were not able to take the tour of the house. There were about 200 fourth graders on a field trip to Oregon City and the National Park Service was in a full-on panic attack by the onslaught of the little beasties. Having the connection to Fort Vancouver, we are sure the tour of the house would have been interesting.

McLoughlin Promenade
McLoughlin House Sign
Heritage House

The final stop for us in Oregon City was at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. For those of you who’ve seen the video of our day in Oregon City, know that we did not escape the little beasties ourselves. There were also plenty of them running around the center, but it was actually fun watching them participate in all the different activities the center had setup for them. They were making candles, butter, and learning what it was like for the children to have traveled along the Oregon Trail.

Elk Statue
Covered Wagon
Pioneer Kitchen
Destroyed Wagon
Doctors Bag

Our day in Oregon City could have been better. The weather wasn’t cooperating at all, it pretty much rained the entire day. Fortunately we spent most of the day indoors, so it was still enjoyable. Breakfast at Yvonne’s was worth the trip itself.

Watch the video below to see more of our day in Oregon City. Check it out!

Best wishes,

Mumzies & Papa