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Greetings from Pendleton, Oregon!

Pendleton is a small town in eastern Oregon. Pendleton is located about 200 miles east of Vancouver. Pendleton is known for two main things; the Pendleton Round-up Rodeo, and the Pendleton Woolen Mills.  We weren’t there for the rodeo, but its presence is ubiquitous throughout Pendleton.

Pendleton Sign
Downtown Pendleton
Big Boot

Our first stop in Pendleton was at the Heritage Station Museum. The museum is operated by the Umatilla County Historical Society. The museum contains a lot of history, information, and artifacts from the Pendleton area. It’s a very nice museum with both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Byrd School
Homestead Cabin
House of Beauty
Telegraph Station

After our visit to the museum we decided to grab some lunch at Abby’s Legendary Pizza. If you’ve seen the video of our day in Pendleton, then you are well aware that we were poking fun at the “Legendary” in the pizza parlors name. It was all in good fun, and we did enjoy our lunch at Abby’s.

We had afternoon reservations for the Pendleton Underground Tour, but before our tour we were able to visit the Pendleton Woolen Mills and walk through downtown Pendleton. There was a car club outing in the downtown area, where there were about 20 corvettes and a few classic Chevy’s.

The underground tour was very interesting. Just walking through the downtown area prior to the tour, we had no idea of the vast network of tunnels and full-sized living arrangements right below the sidewalks. Our tour guide was awesome, she was very informative and we learned so much more about old Pendleton than we knew going into it.

Underground Tour
Working Girl
Underground Bar
Old Phones

We really enjoyed our day in Pendleton, everything was so nice. Yes Abby’s, even the pizza! 🍕😀

Watch the video below to see more of our day in Pendleton. Check it out!

Best wishes,

Mumzies & Papa