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Greetings from Shelton, Washington!

Shelton is a small town located about 125 miles north of Vancouver. Shelton sits on Oakland Bay at the western edge of the Puget Sound.  The drive into Shelton is stunningly beautiful with the snowcapped Olympic National Forest mountain range as the distant background and beautiful Oakland Bay in the foreground.

Shelton City Sign with Mumzies
Olympic Mountains
Shelton Visitors Center
Shelton Scenic View
Shelton Visitors Center Train Plaque

Our first stop in Shelton was at the downtown area where they have a really cool visitors center placed in a refurbished logging train. The downtown area has some nice statues dedicated to the workers of the logging industry, along with a bunch of small shops and restaurants.  After walking around the downtown area shops, we decided to grab some lunch at a Mexican restaurant named Taqueria Las Palmas.

The restaurant is nothing fancy, much less ambiance than most of the sit-down Mexican restaurants, but the food was fantastic. Mumzies tried their chicken verde enchiladas and they were wonderful. Papa had their special torta (sandwich), which was also wonderful. The people working in the restaurant were very friendly. It was a solid place to grab lunch.

Las Palmas Enchiladas
Las Palmas Torta
Las Palmas Menu
Las Palmas Enchiladas Closeup

After lunch we went out to Lady of the Lakes antique store. Mumzies is still on her quest to find an old wooden high-chair for Juliette Paige. Unfortunately she is still on her quest, because there were none to be found. However, Mumzies did find Olympic Bakery where we finished up our day in Shelton with her enjoying a raspberry-currant pastry.

Lady of the Lake Antique Shop
Olympic Bakery Sign
Olympic Bakery Pastry

We had a good day in Shelton. It is such a beautiful drive into town. The scenic view is spectacular… the weather also cooperated with us as we had clear blue skies for the day. That is always greatly appreciated anywhere in the Pacific Northwest during the month of January!

Watch the video below to see more of our day in Shelton. Check it out!

Best wishes,

Mumzies & Papa