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Greetings from our snowy home!

Snowmageddon 2017 is real, very real! In a 24 hour period we received about 8 inches of snow. Ok, we know that is by no means a record for many places, but we are not accustomed to receiving that much snowfall here in Vancouver. We are used to getting a light dusting and then it usually melts away that same day or at most in a day or so. Snowmageddon kept most of the snow around for a full week. The temperatures stayed below freezing for nearly a solid week, with our low being around 11 degrees… burrrr!

Snowy Backyard Trees
Frozen Lake
Snowy Coffee Vignette
Frozen Lake

Two things were very happy to have the snow, our Pomeranians Mylie and Crystal. Those tiny little Spitzes were having fun running around the backyard in the snow. Poor Crystal bottomed out in the snow trying to get back up onto the patio from the lawn area… we almost had to go out and rescue her, but after a brief struggle she was finally able to work her way loose. Other than that, they had so much fun and always wanted to go out.

Snowy Crystal
Crystal in the snow

We were finally able to get out of the house midway through the week and go around our neighborhood a little bit to record the snowfall. There was a group of kids taking full advantage of the snow. They were sliding down a small hill on inner tubes, disks, boogie boards, and of course sleds. At least they were enjoying themselves because come July when their school year has been extended by a full week, hopefully they will remember all the fun they had playing in the snow and say it was worth it. Even Mumzies had some fun with the snow!

Frozen Mumzies and Papa
Mumzies Posing In the Snow
Snowy Backyard
Snowy Tea Party
Snowy Backyard Planters

Everything is so pretty with the snow and it really is a special treat for us to receive that much snowfall, but Mumzies was starting to get cabin fever by the end of it.

Watch the video below to see more of Snowmageddon 2017. Check it out!

Best wishes,

Mumzies & Papa